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          Our team of experts are ready to assist you in getting the materials you need to get the job done right.

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          We have an assortment of products, and delivery options that will work for each of your projects.

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          Our business has been family owned and operated since 1954 and we promise to provide the best in quality when it comes to our products.

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          Our Products
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          The Metal Experience

          • In Business Since 1954
          • Family Owned and Operated
          • Material Test Reports Available
          • Domestic and DFAR Compliant Material Available
          • Company Trucks Deliver within a 120 mile radius of our Philadelphia location
          • Delivery by Common Carrier Across the United States
          • Close Working Relationships with an Assortment of Industry Professionals

          Greater Philadelphia Metal Service Center

          Family Owned & Operated for Over Sixty Years

          Founded in 1954, McKnight Steel & Tube Company began operations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our success and the need for space necessitated a move to Warminster, PA in 1993, where we operate as one of the region’s quality metal tube and pipe distributors. Please contact our sales team to answer your questions and receive a quote on our extensive list of products. We make it easy to get in touch with us and respond to customer inquiries promptly. You can call us at 215-396-9976, email us at sales@mcknightsteel.com, or use the forms on this website. Whatever is most convenient for you.

          Tubing and Pipe Supplier

          At McKnight Steel, we specialize in the distribution of carbon, stainless, aluminum, and alloy tubing and pipe products in round, square, and rectangular shapes. We also sell other metal products such as bar, rod, angle, channel, beam, and plate in various dimensions and grades. As a wholesale distributor, our fleet of trucks will deliver your orders on-time and on-budget within a 120-mile radius of our location. We utilize trusted common carriers for deliveries to our customers throughout the United States.

          McKnight Steel is a regional supplier of stainless, alloy, aluminum, and steel pipe, tubing, and other metal products in northeast, central, and southeast Pennsylvania and throughout the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

          At McKnight Steel and Tube Co., we specialize in:
          • Metal Tubing
          • Metal Pipe
          Let Us Get to Know You by Name

          Our mission at McKnight Steel and Tube Co. is to provide quality metal products meeting recognized industry standards at a competitive price. Our goal is to surpass expectations and create lasting relationships with our customers. We are happy to offer suggestions and recommendations to any application where metal products are utilized. Our friendly and experienced staff is available to assist you. You can call us at 215-396-9976, email us at sales@mcknightsteel.com, or use the forms on this website. Whatever is most convenient for you.

          "On behalf of myself and our employees we wish to THANK our customers and the metalworking community for the opportunities provided us to service the regional metalworking and manufacturing sectors for the past 60 years. We will continue to maintain the pricing, service and quality standards required for success in these important economic sectors. " Again our thanks, Frank McKnight

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